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Innovation City Snapshots

The OECD Champion Mayors team is pleased to welcome Bloomberg Philanthropies as a supporting institution.

Our collaboration began at Citylab Detroit and the 4th Annual Meeting in Athens will see the launch of preliminary findings from our combined study on public sector innovation in cities and resulted in the below city innovation snapshots.

In total, 89 cities of all sizes from all over the world responded to the survey on government innovation in cities, which reveal various visions and approaches to innovation capacity.

Akron (US)                                       Alexandria (US)                                       Anchorage (US)

Athens (Greece)                             Atlanta (US)                                              Aurora (US)

Austin (US)                                      Baltimore (US)                                         Beer Sheva (Israel)*

Bilbao (Spain)                                Boulder (US)                                             Braga (Portugal)

Buenos Aires (Argentina)           Cape Town (South Africa)                   Charlotte (US)

Chattanooga (US)                          Chelsea (US)                                              Chicago (US)

Cincinnati (US)                               Curridabat (Costa Rica)                         Denver (US)

Detroit (US)                                     Durham (US)                                              Fort Collins (US)

Fort Lauderdale (US)                   Georgetown, TX (US)                              Glendale (US)

Grand Rapids (US)                        Highland (UK)                                           Houston (US)

Huntington, WV (US)                   Indianapolis (US)                                     Irving (US)

Jersey City (US)                             Jerusalem (Israel) *                                 Kansas City, KS (US)

Lansing (US)                                   Lexington (US)                                           Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Long Beach (US)                            Los Angeles (US)                                      Louisville (US)

Madrid (Spain)                               Medellin (Columbia)                               Memphis (US)

Miami (US)                                       Minneapolis (US)                                     Mobile (US)

Montreal (Canada)                         New York City (US)                                 Oakland (US)

Oklahoma City (US)                       Orlando (US)                                            Otsu City (Japan)

Palermo (Italy)                                Paris (France)                                           Paterson, NJ (US)

Peoria, Illinois (US)                        Philadelphia (US)                                   Providence (US)

Quillota (Chile)                                Reykjavik (Iceland)                                Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Riverside (US)                                 Rochester (US)                                         Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Saint Paul (US)                               Saltillo (Mexico)                                       San Francisco (US)

San Jose CA (US)                          Santiago de Chile (Chile)                       Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Seattle (US)                                     Seoul (Korea)                                            Sintra (Portugal)

South Bend (US)                            Stockholm (Sweden)                             Syracuse (US)

Tacoma (US)                                   Tel Aviv (Israel)*                                       Toronto (Canada)

Tulsa (US)                                        Turin (Italy)                                                Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Virginia Beach (US)                      Walnut Creek (US)                                   Wellington (New Zealand)


* The statistical data for Israel are supplied by and under the responsibility of the relevant Israeli authorities.
The use of such data by the OECD is without prejudice to the status of the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem and Israeli settlements in the West Bank under the terms of international law.