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Basílio Horta Sintra

“In March 2016, I was given the opportunity to join this initiative and sign on to the New York Proposal. I am absolutely positive that Inclusive Growth is the necessary answer to the inequalities and injustices which characterise the current social-economic situation. Municipalities, through their close contact with the people, and their knowledge of local realities, are the most qualified entities to put this development model into practice. The main elements of our participation are bearing witness to the ongoing projects that comply with our goal of social inclusion and simultaneously gaining knowledge of different experiences in other countries.”

– Mayor Basílio Horta


After graduating from Law School, started career as a judicial magistrate. He has also taught Political Law at the University of Lisbon and was General Director of the Industrial Portuguese Confederation.

In 1975, Mayor Horta entered the Parliament which elaborated the ruling Portuguese Constitution. He was in Parliament in all subsequent legislatures, until he joined the Government first in 1978, and then from 1979 to 1984, when he took charge of diverse economic affairs.

From 2002-2006 he served in Paris as the Ambassador of Portugal to the OECD. In 2006 he founded the State Agency for Investment and External Commerce (AICEP), where he remained until 2011 when he returned to the Parliament.

In 2013, he was elected as Mayor of Sintra. In 2014, he was elected as President of the Metropolitan Council of Lisbon.

How is the
Mayor promoting
Inclusive Growth ?
Promoting a range of social programmes

Since his first day in office, Mayor Horta has stressed the fundamental importance of solidarity policies for a municipality of 400,000 inhabitants with profound social disparities. While there is no doubt that employment policies are the best way to reach social and economic goals, until these goals are met, it is imperative that no one is left behind, and that the municipality guarantees support to those in need.

Within this framework, the city promotes several social programs, ranging from the creation of a social emergency fund, to the Sintra Inclui (Sintra Includes) program, and many others such as the Social Pharmacy and the Social Taxi. For youth, the city provides free food and transportation and jobs for the disadvantaged. Education is a matter of specific priority and attention, especially for young people with special needs.