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Esther Alder Geneva

“In its Preamble, the Swiss Constitution affirms that ‘a community’s strength is measured by the welfare of the weakest of its members.’ Social inclusion is the best way to strengthen cohesion within a society.”

– Mayor Esther Alder


Mayor Esther Alder has been an Executive Council Member of the City of Geneva (representative of the Green party) and Chairwoman of the Department of social cohesion and solidarity of the City of Geneva since 2011. She has a passion for social work, as demonstrated by her work as an Expert at the Swiss National Commission for Prevention of Torture (2010), Managing Director of Carrefour-Rue, a private association dedicated to providing assistance to homeless and disadvantaged people (1986 – 2010), and as the Founder of the social service of newcomers’ welcome classes at the Geneva State Public Education Department (1992 – 1996). She has a Diploma in Management from the University of Geneva and a Diploma in Social Work from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Western Switzerland.

How is the
Mayor promoting
Inclusive Growth ?
The Fight Against the Cold Homeless shelters to protect the most vulnerable Genevans from the cold

Mayor Alder pushed to open more emergency homeless shelters in the coldest months of winter in Geneva in 2012, saying, “A wealthy city like ours cannot remain blind to this reality and allow people to sleep outdoors in the cold. It is completely inhumane.”
– These spaces are open from November through March, and are free to access for people in very precarious situations.
– The homeless shelter of Richemont is reserved specifically for the housing of families.
– These shelters house on average 1200 people per year, and these people represent about sixty nationalities.
– Also available are a hot dinner, breakfast, and shower.
More information: Homeless Shelters

Promoting children’s rights

In 2015, Mayor Esther Alder also pushed to develop and implement an Action Plan promoting children’s rights in the City of Geneva. This Action Plan aims to improve equality of access for all children to public services in the area of educational infrastructures and preschool and extracurricular activities. It also intends to promote the children’s participation in democratic decision making as soon as possible and to encourage them to exercise their own rights.
More Information : Action plan for the promotion of children’s rights