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Federico Gutiérrez Medellín

“Medellín is committed to be a safe, fair and sustainable city. We believe that economic growth and social equity should be equally important.”

– Mayor Federico Gutiérrez


Federico Gutiérrez is a civil engineer, with graduate studies in management and political science. He is the first Mayor of Medellín ever elected by a civil movement and not by a traditional political party. In his late twenties, he was elected councillor of Medellín; and he was re-elected at the age of 32. In 2009, the Junior Chamber of Colombia recognized him as Outstanding Young Person of the Year. He has been a consultant in Urban Integral Security for the cities of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Celaya (Mexico). He is very passionate about Medellín, and during his entire life he has walked its streets, talking to the people, working with and for them. On October 25, 2015, Gutierrez was elected Mayor.

How is the
Mayor promoting
Inclusive Growth ?
Comprehensive interventions in the city centre

Medellín’s Centre is an area that needs revitalisation. In doing so, the city will focus on 5 issues: quality of life, public space, education, culture and mobility. This area will be brought to life again by promoting the public use of public space and by building houses in this area, based on the premise that inhabiting the area is a way of making it safe again.
• 6% of Medellín’s population lives in the City Centre.
• 1,2 million people pass through the centre daily.
• 19,000 new houses will be built in Medellín; 5,000 will be located in this area in association with the private sector.

Education for employment

Having highly educated, highly qualified human capital and facilitating the employment of Medellín’s residents are two factors that directly influence the development of Medellín’s local industries and enterprises.

The education given to citizens creates benefits in terms of the quality of employment available, both in the rural and the urban context. Understanding that good education is the core for a good employment, Medellín aims to help its citizens to adapt more quickly to the needs of the changing economic environment. It aims to do so through the following programs:
• Young talent, first employment conditions
• Education in competences according to the job demands
• Promote access to employment
• Education for the Future: create an entrepreneurial culture in our children
• Technological Education
• Triple Helix Alliances