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Lisa Helps Victoria

“Cities are at the forefront of transformative action. I’m thrilled to join the OECD Champion Mayors group and look forward to sharing Victoria’s successes and challenges and working with other Mayors across the globe. More than ever cities are key to delivery of innovation and change, and we have much to learn from one another.”

– Mayor Lisa Helps


Mayor Lisa Helps has served as Mayor of Victoria since 2014, before she was a city Councillor from 2011-2014. She leads Victoria with a future-oriented lens, working to ensure that the city is inclusive, prosperous, sustainable, and welcoming. Mayor Helps prioritises collaboration and brings together a diverse range of community leaders to create a city where everyone belongs and to advance ambitious programs such as future-focused economic development, climate action, affordable housing, and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

How is the
Mayor promoting
Inclusive Growth ?
Victoria 3.0 Recovery Reinvention Resilience 2020-2041 Victoria’s Economic Action Plan

This year, amidst unprecedented and unpredictable times, Mayor Helps ushered in Victoria 3.0, the City’s long-term Economic Action Plan. Victoria 3.0 puts forward a vision for a sustainable, influential city that will build a strong innovation ecosystem and create a strong, resilient, and inclusive economy now and for the future. The actions laid out in the plan will build an economy that enables everyone to flourish and that will set Victoria on a path to low-carbon prosperity. The main aims are to:
1. Respond to the threats and opportunities created by climate change
2. Recover from COVID-19 and create resilience so our local businesses and economy can withstand emergencies
3. Stimulate and support innovation
4. Substantially leverage our existing skills and assets
5. Build on the economic stability offered by our large public sector employment base
6. Diversify our economy
7. Prepare our workforce for the future
8. Build on BC and Canada’s strong international reputations for innovation and access to the world’s best markets

The Victoria Housing Strategy 2016 – 2025 (Phase 2: 2019-2022) Strategic direction to Victoria’s Housing Strategy

Mayor Helps is a true believer in the transformative power of affordable housing and the right to a home. As a champion of the Victoria Housing Strategy, she leads on taking a comprehensive approach to increasing the supply of rental housing at rents that people who work in Victoria can afford to pay. This strategy puts forward some bold new ideas which we hope the community will embrace, like tiny homes in backyards and intergenerational living opportunities. It also proposes to get some people out of the rental market and into more affordable home ownership opportunities, taking pressure off the rental market. This will mean more townhouses, fourplexes and sixplexes in Victoria’s neighbourhoods. These will look like single family homes and fit the character of neighbourhoods, but they will house more people. Mayor Helps was recognized for her work in this area in 2019, receiving the British Columbia Non-Profit Housing Association’s Affordable Housing Champion award.