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Peter Danielsson Helsingborg

“I am committed to working together with other Mayors to create more inclusive and prosperous cities, with the goal of advancing the global agenda towards more inclusive growth.

As Mayors, we have a responsibility to see to it that policies are in place that ensure equal access to the necessary conditions for a high quality of life, such as health, education, housing, security, employment, and participation in society. That we leave no one behind. These issues are complex and there are no simple solutions. We need to learn from each other and work together.”

– Mayor Peter Danielsson


Peter Danielsson has been Mayor of Helsingborg  since 2006, and is also Chairman of the Municipal Board. He is strongly committed to developing the sustainable and smart city of the future. Improving quality of life, reinventing city governance, and innovation-driven development are the key drivers in his agenda to support and implement positive change throughout the city.

Previously he served as Deputy Leader of the Moderate Party from January 2015 to October 2019. He was a Member of the Riksdag from 2002 to 2006. Under his leadership, Helsingborg has been awarded as Sweden’s IT Municipality 2015, Growth Municipality of the Year 2016, Sweden’s Quality Municipality 2017, and Sweden’s Most Environmentally Friendly Municipality four years in a row 2017-2020. In 2020, Helsingborg was among the six finalists in the European Commission’s iCapital – The European Capital of Innovation Awards. Prior to his political career, he worked as an editorial writer and communications consultant. He has a degree in Political Science from Lund University.

How is the
Mayor promoting
Inclusive Growth ?
Quality of Life Program

Helsingborg’s Quality of Life program aims to create conditions for all residents to be able to experience a good and sustainable quality of life.  The program is a city-wide governing document for other plans in the city such as the climate and energy plan, the waste plan and the plan for equal opportunities. It defines the city’s ambitions and strategies for sustainability and inclusion, and guides work towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Agenda 2030. Helsingborg considers the subjective experience, factors such as how individuals feel and perceive their ability to have an impact on their situation, when setting city ambitions. The program aims to improve the quality of life for residents by ensuring access to good quality jobs, security and economic stability, and is primarily directed at the City of Helsingborg’s departments, committees, and municipally owned enterprises. Municipal departments and enterprises implement the program in their planning through their mission and assignments.




Plan for Equal Opportunities

The city of Helsingborg has a Plan for equal opportunities in order to combat discrimination and promote equal opportunities in the city. The plan includes all seven grounds on discrimination according to Swedish law: age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, and disability. The citywide plan includes several measures to develop the work on human rights, inclusion and equality and, since co-operation with other actors is key in these issues, Helsingborg has established networks with local civil society. Helsingborg has joined several initiatives in order to enhance the work for social sustainability. The city has signed the CEMR- European Charter for gender equality and ECCAR- European Coalition of cities against racism and the WHO-network Healthy Cities.


For 35 days in the summer of 2022, Helsingborg will host H22 City Expo showcasing the city’s innovation work, promoting sustainable urban transformation, and providing an opportunity for others to exchange on innovation experiences and ideas. The expo will explore three themes to deliver smarter cities: innovative welfare and urban development, improving quality of life, and reinventing city governance. More than 300 contributors will feature. With the entire city as a living lab, ground-breaking innovations will be showcased and co-developed in an environment of imagination and shared ambition. Visitors from across the world will participate in conferences, site visits, experiments, hackathons, and more – all with the goal of improving quality of life in more sustainable, inclusive, and thoughtful cities.

H22 – The Making of a Smarter, More Sustainable and Inclusive City

H22 is a long-term initiative to develop welfare solutions with the aim of improving quality of life in a smarter and more sustainable city. H22 is transforming Helsingborg from a producer of services to an enabler, where solutions are co-created in collaboration with stakeholders. Working with more than 70 innovative partners, Helsingborg has defined challenges where radically new approaches are needed and where external collaboration is key for the city. Challenges are listed on an open innovation database where they are contextualised in relation to global trends, the SDGs, and the city’s work with Quality of Life. Helsingborg prioritises innovation initiatives in areas where the need is greatest. The city focuses on: work in the spaces in between organisations,  communicating, and enlisting the help of a range of different (often new) competencies. There are more than 240 ongoing innovation initiatives in the database. The city has developed an innovation model that depicts the process from idea to  launch, which consists of three steps:  understanding a need and formulating ideas to meet that need, solution development and testing, and evaluation of whether or not the solution creates value and can be scaled-up.