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Ted Winterer Santa Monica

Santa Monica has a rich history of embracing diversity and acting with compassion. These are two key community virtues that attracted me to Santa Monica. It’s a primary reason my wife and I chose to raise our family here. It’s what drives me to serve as Mayor. These are qualities that we must protect and nurture. Maintaining a diverse and inclusive city is one of our Council’s top priorities. Historically, we have promoted programs and policies that protect those who live and work in our city and fostered a community based on tolerance and inclusivity. Now this is more important than ever.

– Mayor Ted Winterer


Mayor Ted Winterer has lived in Santa Monica for nearly 25 years and was elected to the City Council in 2012.

On the Council, Ted is committed to maintaining the scale and character of the city and to finding ways to solve Santa Monica’s parking and traffic issues. Ted is a strong supporter of locally owned businesses and has worked to assure the continued excellence of the city’s police and fire departments, as well as its public schools and social services. Ted continues to work on reducing homelessness and preserving diversity through tenant protections, neighborhood conservation policies, and new housing for people of all incomes.

Ted is committed to being responsive to all citizens and their needs.

Ted is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a degree in English and film studies and works in real estate marketing with Santa Monica-based Maser Condo Sales.

How is the
Mayor promoting
Inclusive Growth ?
Wellbeing Index

The Wellbeing Project uses the power of data to provide a shared understanding of our community’s strengths and needs, encouraging collaboration among city leaders and residents to improve our collective wellbeing.

Santa Monica is known around the world for its sunny streets and the Pacific waves lapping at the Pier. But for the 95,000 people who live in Santa Monica, it’s home – where they dream about how they want to live and do their best to make it happen. Santa Monica residents tell us they are overwhelmingly satisfied with their lives but there are groups that experience significant stress and loneliness. Improvements since 2015:

– Median household income, one measure of prosperity, is up modestly over two years

– Those who take the train to work have more than quintupled (6 per cent now versus 1 per cent in 2015), just before

– The Expo Line extension from DTLA to Santa Monica went into service

– Santa Monica has also used their Wellbeing Index as a framework for their 2017-2019 budget. Specifically, the core pillars are: Community, Place and Planet, Learning, Health, Economic Opportunity, and Governance.

More information: 2017 Wellbeing Index Findings


The Downtown Community Plan is a blueprint for the frame of Downtown Santa Monica that integrates housing, jobs, mobility, public open space, and art and culture for the next 5 years.

The DCP maintains Downtown Santa Monica’s many roles as a thriving neighborhood and public gathering space. Some key elements that anchor the Plan:

– Housing is strongly encouraged to accommodate residents of all incomes, family situations, and stages of life;

– New and enhanced public spaces will add to Downtown’s attractiveness;

– A diverse range of new uses, activities, and preferred services will support the emerging Downtown neighborhood and promote social connectedness and community wellbeing.

The DCP incentivizes housing production through an administrative approval process for projects that meet set size, height, and design standards. It includes the most ambitious affordable housing requirements and incentives in California with 20-30% of all new units designated as affordable for low-income residents and families.
More information: Downtown Community Plan