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Yeom Tae-Young Suwon

Suwon City regards policy responses to climate change and inclusive growth as important, but the essential thing is community participation to implement such policies. we have been doing our best to create “a people-friendly human city” and “people-oriented bigger Suwon”. Suwon City puts “people” at the centre of all policies and sees solutions for all issues in “solidarity and cooperation” while trying to develop in a sustainable manner.
– Mayor Yeom Tae-young


Mayor Yeom Tae-young holds a bachelor’s degree of Agriculture from Seoul National University.
He is currently Chairman of the Presidential Job Creation Committee, Permanent Chairman of the National Local Governments Association for Community Creation and Representative of the Eastern Asia Region of ICLEI World Executive Committee.
He was Presidential Secretary for Roh Moo-hyun Government on governmental projects, Permanent Auditor of the Korea National Park Service, and the first Secretary General and Chairman of the Steering Committee of the National Sustainable Development Council.
Mayor Yeom Tae-young was elected Mayor of Suwon City for 3 consecutive terms. He is promoting various and innovative policies to make Suwon a sustainable city with the goal of creating a nature-friendly human-centred city.

How is the
Mayor promoting
Inclusive Growth ?
A Women, Children and Senior Friendly City

This three-tiered policy contributes to creating a sustainable city.


Given Korea’s fertility rates, Suwon has sought to realise a child-friendly local community, pursuing happiness by enhancing children’s rights in close cooperation with the central Government of Republic of Korea. The policy includes the implementation of a child-friendly legal system and child-friendly infrastructure including special institutions for child protection and ‘Dreaming Playgrounds’. Suwon was awarded a “Child-friendly City Certificate” from UNICEF on September 4, 2017.


As demand for a gender-oriented perspective grows, Suwon City has promoted local policies aimed at creating a safe, healthy and warm city to increase quality of life and create a local community in which women are equal participants. The policy has resulted in reduced violent crime through preemptive prevention activities against sexual assault, robbery and theft. Suwon was designated a “woman-friendly city by 2020” by the Korean Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in 2015.


Designed in response to the increasing welfare demand of an ageing population, and including a senior-friendly legal system, Suwon was deemed a “Senior-friendly City Member” by WHO on June 22, 2016.