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Yuriko Koike Tokyo

“I perceive the achievement of inclusive growth as one of the most important initiatives that cities should engage in. Tokyo has been carrying out various measures to promote “diversity,” to become a diverse city where everyone can lead vibrant and active lives. I believe that sharing knowledge and experience on inclusive growth with other Champion Mayors will help us address issues facing Tokyo and the common challenges of the world’s cities.”

 Governor Yuriko Koike


Yuriko Koike has been the Governor of Tokyo since July 2016.

Prior to being elected mayor, she was active in national politics. She was a member of the House of Councilors and the House of Representatives for a total of 24 years from 1992, during which she has held major posts including Minister of the Environment, Minister of State for Okinawa and Northern Territories Affairs, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister for National Security Affairs, Minister of Defense, and Director of the Committee on Budget of the House of Representatives. As the first woman to serve as the Minister of Defense and the Governor of Tokyo, she is paving the way for women to be more active in Japanese society.

With a BA in Sociology from Cairo University, she is fluent in English and Arabic, and was a prominent news anchor before entering politics.

How is the
Mayor promoting
Inclusive Growth ?
The New Tokyo

In December 2016, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government formulated a new comprehensive 4-year plan called “New Tokyo. New Tomorrow. The Action Plan for 2020,” which covers the period from 2017-2020. From the perspective of putting Tokyo citizens first, the mayor realises the three faces of Tokyo—”Safe City,” “Diverse City,” and “Smart City”—to create the “New Tokyo.”

The New Tokyo

1. A Tokyo where all can live with peace of mind, hold hopes and lead active lives.
2. A sustainable Tokyo that continues to generate growth.
3. A Tokyo that shines throughout the world as the engine driving Japan’s growth.


– Safe City : The city will protect the lives and assets of Tokyo residents from all kinds of disasters, and build a dynamic and bustling Tokyo.

– Diverse City : The city will create a Tokyo full of kindness and warmth where everyone can lead vibrant lives and be active in society.


– A city where people can feel secure about having and raising children
– A society where senior citizens can live with peace of mind
– Enhancing life-work balance
– A society where the disabled can lead vibrant lives
– Advancing the active role of women in society
– Promoting the employment of senior citizens
– Advancing urban development that incorporates universal design
– Education that expands possibilities for all children
– Enhancing healthcare and encouraging healthy living

Smart City

As a global megacity and Japan’s capital and engine driving the economy, the city will create a sustainable Tokyo that can solve the challenges facing the megalopolis and continue growing.