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Zoran Janković Ljubljana

 “The Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth Initiative is a valuable platform to support and strengthen the power of city leaders in bringing people, organisations and businesses together in a way that benefits both citizens and the environment. We, the Mayors, are problem solvers and I’m glad to have joined the Initiative as it is further inspiration for my daily work.”

– Mayor Zoran Janković


Zoran Janković (born 1 January 1953) started his professional career in 1978 at the Slovenian Post. In 1990, he founded the Electa company and served as director until 1997 when he was appointed CEO of Mercator until 2005. A year later, having received 62.99% of votes cast in the first round, Janković  was elected Mayor of the capital of the Republic of Slovenia. He continued to win elections as an independent candidate in the first round in 2010 (64.79%), 2012 (60.99%) and 2014 (57.5 %).

For his successful economic work, and later as Mayor of the City of Ljubljana, he has received 24 recognitions, among which he was named Mayor of the Month in 2011 and ranked among the top 25 mayors in the world in 2012 by The City Mayors Foundation, which promotes good city governance globally.

Mayor Janković is married and father to two adult sons, as well as a proud grandfather to three grandchildren.  

How is the
Mayor promoting
Inclusive Growth ?
European Green Capital

In the City of Ljubljana, inclusive growth remains a high priority. We are turning equality of opportunity and participation in growth for all into reality by implementing concrete – and internationally recognized and awarded – projects.
One of the awards we’re most proud of is the prestigious European Commission – European Green Capital 2016. We are certain that to preserve our planet for future generations, all the cities in the world should adopt green capital values. Together with our colleagues and partners, we are more than ever actively oriented towards the circular economy, one of the key elements securing the planet’s survival. If we learn to use and consume less, to reuse and to continue to follow sharing economy principles, we and the environment will emerge winners.