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Across the world, local leaders are seeking different ways to respond to trends affecting cities, such as digitalisation, demographic shifts, climate change and globalisation. In this rapidly changing context, cities are reinventing themselves and their urban systems to better serve residents. Expanding modes of resident engagement, launching open data platforms, applying technological- based solutions to service delivery, and investing in digital infrastructure to spur economic productivity are some of the ways in which cities are leveraging innovation to boost the local public sector. These efforts call for growing a city’s capacity to innovate by developing strategies, providing the right resources and setting the right conditions to encourage innovation.

The OECD Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth Initiative and Bloomberg Philanthropies believe that cities are fertile grounds for innovation. Nevertheless, innovation is as much about culture, people, leadership and engagement as it is about technology and data. Both organisations have joined forces to assess how cities around the world are developing their capacity to innovate and to what extent such innovation improves resident outcomes. This webinar shared key findings from the forthcoming OECD/Bloomberg Enhancing Cities Innovation Capacity report based on responses to the joint Survey on Innovation Capacity to more than 80 cities from around the world.


  • Opening by Aziza Akhmouch, Acting Head of the Cities, Urban Policies & Sustainable Development Division and Sena Segbedzi, Acting Coordinator of the Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth Initiative, OECD
  • Spotlight I. Stockholm
    Gunnar Bjorkman, Director of Innovation , City of Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Spotlight II. New York City
    Carson Hicks, Deputy Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity, New York City (USA)
  • Spotlight III. Syracuse
    Adria Finch, Director of Innovation, City of Syracuse (USA)
  • Spotlight IV. Montreal
    Stéphane Guidoin, Director Montreal Urban Innovation Lab, Montreal (Canada)
  • Discussant Stephanie Wade, Government Innovation, Bloomberg Philanthropies
  • Open Q&A