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Daniel Quintero Calle Medellín

Inequality is one of the most pressing problems of our planet. It is an ever-growing gap that will not close unless the world’s leaders act accordingly. The Medellín Future that has governed the city for the last three years arose with the aim of empowering citizens by giving them tools that will lead them to a future full of opportunities. We are aware of the difficulties of our citizens and every day we work to reduce inequality a little more. Our commitment as part of the OECD Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth Initiative is to be a leading and visible face in Colombia, Latin America, and the world in the fight against inequality.”

– Mayor Daniel Quintero Calle


Daniel Quintero Calle was elected Mayor of Medellín in October 2019. He previously served as Vice Minister of Technology and Innovation Systems and Vice Minister of Digital Economy at the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications of Colombia. Prior to his political career, Daniel Quintero Calle was General Manager of iNNpulsa Colombia, the government agency that supports productivity, entrepreneurship, and innovation, between 2015 and 2016. He was an innovative entrepreneur, with 10 years’ experience as a software developer within the ICT sector, and founded his own company Intrasoft S A Colombia. He has an undergraduate degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Antioquia, studied applied finance at University of Los Andes, Bogotá, and holds an MBA in Business Administration from Boston University. Daniel Quintero Calle is known as a peace activist in Colombia.

How is the
Mayor promoting
Inclusive Growth ?
Planning for Medellín’s future

Medellín seeks to generate new opportunities for employment via the city’s Development Plan 2020-2023 Medellín Future. The plan aims to manage opportunities in education, innovation and entrepreneurship, taking advantage of local strengths to enhance and diversify the city’s economy. The plan also guides city strategies to align with the Sustainable Development Goals, and promotes entrepreneurship, especially in women-led businesses.




Software Valley Centres (CVS)

Medellín has established Software Valley Centres (Medellín Valle del Software) to promote and strengthen technology-based enterprises and companies. The city supports the strengthening of existing local enterprises and adding new capacities, with the aim of achieving greater sales and exports from the city. Medellín entrepreneurs who require support to develop their business ideas, can access the offer of the strategy through prototyping and creativity laboratories, a multipurpose meeting space and hackathons. They can also access skills development training via workshops and events. The city provides incentives and financing assistance to local entrepreneurs who pitch technology-based ideas to the city.

Social and Solidarity Economy initiative

Medellín has a 10-year plan to boost the social and solidarity sector by generating a culture of solidarity among citizens. The plan promotes economic, social and solidarity development to generate self-employment, overcome poverty and create decent jobs. There are four thematic axes: Education, Strengthening, Integration and Communication. Services offered include consulting for the creation or strengthening of social and solidarity economy ventures, and education / training in social and solidarity economy.

Public Employment Offices

Medellín has created Public Employment Offices to make local employment opportunities more accessible by bringing employers and job-seekers together. Vacancies are published in a central database. Job seekers register and complete their profile in the system and can then apply for available jobs. Service Points of the Public Employment Office are located in the different communes and corregimientos of the Municipality. The basic management and placement services are always provided free of charge.