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The 4th Meeting of the Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth was held 18th March 2019 and launched the 4th political outcome document of the Initiative, the Athens Road Map on Innovation for Inclusive Growth in Cities, chartering the way forward on how cities can leverage innovation, in particular, public sector – related, technological, and social innovation to bolster their inclusive growth agendas.

The day began with a lunch reception, followed by a jumpstart session that interactively dived into the findings of the OECD/Bloomberg Philanthropies 2018 Survey on innovation capacity in cities. The meeting continued with three rounds of consecutive thematic discussions with mayors featuring experiences of different cities around the world.

On the following day, 19th March 2019, Mayors were invited to the 7th Roundtable of Mayors and Ministers jointly organised by the OECD, the City of Athens and the Greek Ministry of Economy. The Roundtable centred on how Mayors and Ministers can work in concert, within integrated national urban policies to tackle crosscutting and interconnected megatrends.

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