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David Holt Oklahoma City

“Oklahoma City is working like never before to ensure that all our residents share in our success.  As our city’s profile grows on the world stage, it is critical that our growth be inclusive. We will never attain perfection, but a mayor must keep us on the path of aspiration.  In that journey, I’m grateful to be part of an initiative like OECD Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth, where we can share best practices.”

– Mayor David Holt


Mayor David Holt became Oklahoma City’s 36th mayor in 2018. He was elected in 2018 with 78.5 percent of the vote and re-elected in 2022 with more votes than any candidate for Mayor since 1959. A member of the Osage Nation, Holt is the first Native American mayor of Oklahoma City.  At the time he took office, Holt was the youngest mayor of Oklahoma City since 1923. Mayor Holt is an elected member of leadership for both the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the National League of Cities.  He received his B.A. from George Washington University and his law degree from Oklahoma City University.

How is the
Mayor promoting
Inclusive Growth ?
KIVA loan program

Oklahoma City has set up a crowdsourced loan program called KIVA to support minority-owned microbusinesses. The program helps entrepreneurs to access funding of up to US $15k at 0% interest for up to three years. It also provides opportunities to build up their small business via consulting services, and help with events and workshops.




Creating a Culture of Inclusion

In partnership with the Urban League, Oklahoma City Chamber hosted the Creating a Culture of Inclusion monthly event series to create stronger dialogue and engagement of the Oklahoma City business community around issues of social justice and anti-racism. These events helped managers and business owners navigate new and challenging conversations about race while also ensuring your companies offer equitable opportunities for all.

Place-based Ethical Community Development

Oklahoma City is using place-based community development to restore economic activity, while preserving traditional cultural elements, in disadvantaged areas of the city. Northeast OKC is the historic heart of Oklahoma City’s black community, and the municipality is promoting economic development in the area by supporting the introduction of a new grocery store, new multi-use retail facility, a hotel and a city-funded civil rights centre.