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Bogotá, Colombia

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Many thanks to Mayors 🇹🇷 @FatmaSahin & 🇮🇸 @Dagurb for this opportunity to share lessons from past disasters as #Gaziantep and #Türkiye embark on reconstruction and recovery.

🙏The OECD #ChampionMayors stand in solidarity with Mayor Şahin and all the people of Türkiye.

This week with 🇸🇰 #Bratislava Mayor @matusvallo. We discussed his future plans for the city and his efforts to support 🇺🇦 #Ukraine.

I look forward to seeing the Mayor at the 6th #ChampionMayors meeting at @BUS_2023 in Brussels on 13 June. ➡️http://urbansummit.brussels

This week with 🇸🇰 #Bratislava Mayor @matusvallo. We discussed his future plans for the city and his efforts to support 🇺🇦 #Ukraine.

I look forward to seeing the Mayor at the 6th #ChampionMayors meeting in Brussels on 13 June 2023. ➡️http://www.urbansummit.brussels

🏙️🗨️#Cities are tackling the biggest issues, from #ClimateChange to affordable #housing. If cities fail in these, the world fails."

— @Dagurb, Chair of the OECD #ChampionMayors initiative & Mayor of 🇮🇸 Reykjavik, at the @G7 meeting today.

Lear more ➡️ http://oecd-inclusive.com

Great to see OECD #ChampionMayors engaging with international peers on climate resilience in an event convened by @OECD_LAC 💪

🔗More about the OECD Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth: http://www.oecd-inclusive.com/

🏙️ Wishing a happy women’s day to our #ChampionMayors!

Women remain underrepresented in city leadership, making up just 15% of mayors. Yet they make up a third of our Champion Mayors, and they are leading the fight against inequalities in their cities!


How is Mayor of Bogotá Claudia López tackling #inequality?

Bogotá is:
💪 Empowering #women by reducing burden on female caregivers
🥘 Ensuring #food security, and
🔧 Subsidising employment opportunities for #youth.

Full #championmayors interview - https://oe.cd/MOMbogota

La gestión de @Bogota liderada por la alcaldesa @ClaudiaLopez, es destacada por #championmayors de @OECD_local, que visibiliza apuestas innovadoras e inspira a ciudades de todo el mundo.

@secredistmujer @DesarrolloBta @integracionbta @Ambientebogota

Dear @FatmaSahin, I wrote to you as Chair of the OECD #ChampionMayors and on behalf of Reykjavik to share our sympathy and solidarity with your people of #Gaziantep. With the new tremor, let me reiterate that we stand with you and wish your rescue & recovery effort every success.

The @OECD #championmayors newsletter is out now!

🧭 Meet the new Steering Group and read about:

🇨🇴 How Mayor @ClaudiaLopez is improving food security, and

♀️ Actions tackling #gender inequality to make #cities more inclusive

👉 http://www.oecd-inclusive.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/2023_Q1_-Champion_Mayors_-news.pdf

Dagur B. Eggertsson borgarstjóri, sem er formaður bandalags borgarstjóra OECD ríkja, stýrði fyrsta fundi stýrihóps á vegum OECD síðastliðinn föstudag. Hópurinn mun móta stefnu til að innleiða nýja framtíðarsýn fyrir bandalagið. #oecd #championmayors

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🟢 This morning it was my pleasure to host the first meeting of the @OECD #ChampionMayors' Steering Group.

🟢 We discussed today's most pressing challenges, including ⛽️cost-of-living pressures, 🏘️#housing and 🌿#ClimateChange

More ➡️ http://www.oecd-inclusive.com/oecd-champion-mayors-steering-group/

Partimos la mañana de este viernes participando desde #Renca en la 1ra sesión del Comité Directivo de Los #ChampionMayors de @OECD_local 👨🏻‍💻🌏 para definir en conjunto algunas prioridades de la red. La reunión estuvo enfocada principalmente en (1/3)👇🏼

Conversamos con @EmolTV sobre nuestro ingreso a la mesa directiva de los #ChampionMayors de la @OECD_local , de seguridad y otros temas más. Revisa la entrevista en el siguiente link https://bit.ly/3xI8ZfL 👈🏼

@ChileOECD @Emol