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Antonio Muñoz Martinez Seville

Antonio Muñoz Martinez was elected Mayor of Seville in 2021. Previously, he was Deputy Mayor since 2015. In 2004 he was appointed General Director of Tourism Planning and Management of the Junta de Andalucía, a position he held for seven years. Prior to that he was Director of Tourism for the Province of Sevilla (2002-2004), Director of Economy and Tourism Area (1999-2002) and Director of the Treasury Area of the Sevilla Provincial Council (1993-1999). He was born in La Rinconada (Seville), and holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Malaga, and an MBA from the San Telmo International Institute (Seville).

How is the
Mayor promoting
Inclusive Growth ?
Cartuja Qanat

The City of Seville is transforming the urban environment to tackle climate change and improve city mobility. Cartuja Qanat is an urban transformation project that consists of an integrated set of actions and elements that act as social stimulators to improve universal accessibility. The project aims to refresh facilities, create an underground gallery, and a bioclimatic ampitheatre. Cartauja Qanat will act as a catalyst for public-private urban transformation, facilitating Seville’s adaptation to future climate conditions.




EDUSI Sevilla

Seville is redeveloping areas of the city, using an integrated sustainable development strategy (EDUSI), to transform areas in terms of physical, environmental, economic, social and cultural activities. The project aims to create employment opportunities and provide improved urban environments and homes.

Sevilla Futura

Seville is encouraging innovation by promoting knowledge-sharing between research organisations, technology centres and local companies providing innovation support services through the Sevilla Futura Association. The project invites participants to propose solutions to challenges faced in the city, and enables local entrepreneurs and start-ups to work with market leaders from different industries. It aims to highlight the contribution innovation and technology makes to competitiveness.